Inspirational travel and backpacking ideas , including tips and advice on round-the-world holidays.


1. Download offline maps

There are loads of off-line maps out there, heck, even Google does it, It’s free and super easy to use, just download the app on your phone in a wifi area, add the maps of the specific area you are going to, search for and then drop your pins on places of interest. You can even add personal notes to pins you drop. I’ve used this app so many times when I am outside of a Wi-Fi area, it’s been a lifesaver. Give it a go!

2. Choose Comfort Over Fashion

Clothes to include in your lightweight backpacking packing list should be breathable, comfortable and durable clothing that you can easily wear more than once. Items that won’t show stains as much are great too. Backpacking adventures will involve moving from different places, and you need to be comfortable while exploring the new destination. Dressing down can help avoid attracting the attention of thieves – sticking out too much with fancy jewelry is unnecessary. You can even wear a money belt or holder under your clothes to store money, passports, and your phone too.

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