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10 Travel Mistakes To Avoid Them,You’ll Be Thankful To Know

2. Not making copies of your documents

Some people wonder if there’s any point to making copies of documents. This is fair enough since in most cases they won’t be needed. Still, keep in mind that you’re never fully protected from accidents and thefts. If you lose your documents, things go A LOT smoother if you have copies.

Paper copies can take up precious space and easily be lost, so it makes sense to store your documents digitally. It doesn’t take much to save photos of your passport and PDF copies of transport tickets, hotel reservations and directions etc. to a  folder. Just make sure you can access your files offline to save you the hassle of having to hunt for Internet.


There’s a lot of advice on the internet for saving on plane tickets. Buy them on a Monday. No wait, a Tuesday at 7pm! Get them 3 months in advance. But 6 months if you’re going to France in the summer. And the advice changes every year based on airline industry algorithms!

Everyone know buying a last-minute plane ticket is incredibly expensive. But did you know that ticket prices can fluctuate by hundreds of dollars from one day to the next? The old wisdom of buying well in advance and early in the week doesn’t cut it anymore.


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