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10 Travel Mistakes To Avoid Them,You’ll Be Thankful To Know

4. Not investing in travel insurance

Usually nothing terrible happens when you travel. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t take the risk. If you have the money to buy the plane ticket, then you should be able to afford travel insurance. One way to make some savings is to buy insurance that only covers medical expenses. When you miss a flight you can probably manage to fork out for a new plane ticket. When you break a leg, however, you might have to pay thousands of euros. Better safe than sorry!

5. Negotiating a taxi rate beforehand.

Many countries don’t have meters in taxis and the price is negotiable if done in advance, but exorbitantly expensive if neglected. Even if you’re sure you’re not going to be overcharged by a taxi driver, ask for the price in advance anyway and save yourself the burden of being ripped off.

6. Not picking the correct travel buddy

Picking a travel buddy is one of the biggest decisions you make before heading on a trip. There are a few factors which you should really consider…

  • Are you on the same budget? 5-star hotels vs dorm rooms. What’s it going to be? Make sure you discuss this before.
  • Do you share interests? Does one of you want to spend hours in museums and the other hiking / laying on the beach? Pick someone with the same interests!
  • Do you communicate well? You can’t be afraid of confrontation on vacation, you spend all day with the same person. Make sure you can speak up if there is an issue before things escalate.
  • Are you/they flexible or independent? Alone time is key when your side-by-side 24/7. Can your travel buddy head off on their own without needing you by their side all the time?

Travelling with the wrong travel buddy can be a nightmare, so choose carefully or you could be travelling solo after all!


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