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5 Tips For Beginner Women’s Backpackers

Tips For Beginner Women's Backpackers

Have you perpetually needed to travel into the back country, sleep next to a pristine lake, on a mountain facet, off the beaten path, within the middle of a dense forest, next to a campfire? have you ever looked at your girlfriends photos or social media and been jealous of those places? backpacking is fun and takes you to a number of the most stunning places within the world. It does not have to be tough – check out top five tips about backpacking for ladies so your first trip is as pleasurable as possible.

1. Hike a Short Distance

For your first few trips, don’t complicate things by doing a long hike before you get to your campsite for the night. Get an early start, but take your time. I’d recommend hiking 3-5 miles to a campsite on your first few trips so you’re not exhausted when you arrive and you have plenty of daylight left to get set up and make dinner before nightfall. These things can take a lot of time if you haven’t done them before and developed a routine. You don’t want to arrive at camp with huge blisters on your feet because you’re not used to carrying a pack. Plan a modest approach hike instead.


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