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6 Easy Tips To Planning Your Walking Holidays In Scotland

6 Tips To Planning A Walking Holiday In Scotland

The mountains of Scotland are without a doubt the most appealing and versatile hiking region in the United Kingdom. From the rolling lowland hills of the Scottish Borders to the tall peaks of the northern Highlands, from coastal walks and island circuits to breathtaking glens and remote mountain ranges – Scotland is a hiker’s paradise. But where to begin? This is a guide preparing and planning unforgettable walking holidays in Scotland in 6 easy tips.

1. Plan to take the scenic route

Planning your route ahead of the trip will not only minimise your chances of running into danger, but it’ll mean that you can spend your time actually experiencing all that Scotland has got to offer – rather than wondering which direction to take next.

When planning your routes, consider the main things that are attracting you to the area and factor them in when mapping out your trip. Whether you’re searching for coastal views or seeking out famous castles, travelling across this Scottish terrain is an experience you’re unlikely to forget.


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