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8 Tips to visit dubai on a budget

2.Food | Dubai on a Budget

For food, you need to consider two things – what you are eating and where you are going to eat it. European, American and Japanese food tends to be on the higher end of the price scale, whereas you can get Arabic and Indian food for very low prices (if you know where to go!).

Furthermore, different areas of the city tend to operate at different price ranges. For low-cost food, Bur Dubai and Deira are your best bet. There, you will find a number of budget restaurants.

Some of our favorite reasonably priced restaurants are:

Al-Ustad Special Kebab: This is a very old restaurant, located in Dubai’s historical district (near where we do our Old Dubai Walking Tours). They serve amazing Iranian food and some of the best kebabs in Dubai.

Delhi Darbar: This restaurant serves Mughlai cuisine – food that was developed in Medieval India at the center of the Mughal Empire.  There are several branches around Dubai (and worldwide). We’re fans of the chicken tikka masala and the biryani.

Arz Lebanon: As you can tell from the name, this restaurant serves Lebanese food. The falafel here is phenomenal, with a crisp exterior and flavorful interior. This restaurant also has several branches across Dubai.

3.Public transport | Dubai on a Budget

If you want to do Dubai on a budget you will need to use its city metro. Don’t panic – it is easy to handle and it is very modern and well organized. The best thing is, it is super cheap. A daily ticket will cost you only 14 AED, what is less than 3,50 EUR. If you want to go somewhere where metro line is not operating, your best choice is to take a taxi. Make sure the meter is on and avoid rush hours!

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