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9 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to New York

2.New York Airport City Transfer

Whether you land at JFK or La Guardia International Airport after a long flight, no matter how high your excitement levels, jet lag will soon kick in and you’ll find yourself a little bewildered.

As the sliding doors open and welcome you to the U S of A you will be inundated with transportation choices. A word to the wise; be wary of ‘gypsy cabs’ these unofficial taxi companies are notorious for scamming unwitting tourists.

Your best bet is to order an Uber or head over to the Yellow Taxi Cab stand for an authorised taxi driver.

If you’re landing at La Guardia you can catch the M80 bus into Manhattan and transfer to your hotel or hostel from there.

3.Sightseeing on a Budget

Living in New York is notoriously expensive but sightseeing and traveling in New York can be achieved on a shoestring budget.

Plan ahead and search online for upcoming deals and offers that you can buy up even before you land!

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