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Backpacker’s Secrets: 8 Top Cheap Travel Tips

Backpacker's Secrets

Planning ahead, choosing your destination wisely and using your points for splurges can help you backpack on a budget while still having some luxury moments.

You don’t have to be a recent college graduate or student to take a budget backpacking trip. Backpacking can be done at any age, by anyone, even families. It represents a special type of travel freedom knowing that everything you need is right on your back.

Backpacking may bring to mind images of crowded hostels and crammed buses, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve carried my backpack from hostels to luxury hotels, from trains and tuk tuks onto business-class flights. These tips and tricks will help prepare you for backpacking through emerging countries , living the champagne life on a beer budget.

There are no two ways about it. Travelling on a budget can be difficult, but over the last six months we’ve learnt a few tips and tricks to help our $15 each per day go that little bit further!

So, here are our 8 secrets to how we survive on a backpacker’s budget.

1. Consider a Hostel

As a well-ripened adult, you may fear that your presence in a hostel would be like that of a wrinkly prune in a basket of fresh apples. But hostels are not just for the young. Older travelers are increasingly booking stays at hostels as international hotel rates rise, and they’re finding private rooms and bathrooms, clean beds, and no-reservations-needed accommodations in hostels around the world.

By definition, a hostel offers rugged dormitory-style digs. But as hostels have gained popularity over the years, trendy hostel operators have stretched the definition of hostel to include private suites, fancy food, fashionable decor, swimming pools and even maid service. Some examples include the Oasis Backpackers’ Mansion in Lisbon, which offers laundry service, free Internet and gourmet dinners, and Oops! Hostel in Paris, which has stylish modern interiors designed by a renowned graphic decorator.

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