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Backpacking Europe Cost: Accommodation & Activities

Accommodation and Activities are two other expenses where you will spend most of your budget, with hostels varying significantly depending on whether you are staying in large popular cities like Paris and London or heading out into more provincial areas of your destination.

In the major cities of Western Europe, you can usually find a hostel bed for around $25 a night, while in smaller cities or in Eastern Europe, beds can be as low as $10 a night.

Attractions can vary significantly, so it is worth researching these in advance. For example, a visit to the Louvre costs around $17 and a tour of Rome’s Colosseum costs around $14.

Helpful  Tip: Luckily, you will find that there are TONS of free activities in cities around Europe so look for days when attractions are free or discounted. For example, nearly all of London’s museums are free and, in Paris, all of the museums are free on the first Sunday of every month! Plus, nearly every hostel offers free city-by-foot tours. Just remember to tip!

Backpacking Europe Cost: Transportation

The second factor to go into your total cost of backpacking Europe is going to be transportation, which is going to take a big chunk out of your Europe travel budget. There are two factors in European transportation costs that need to be considered: one is local, public transport (ie metros, buses and trams) and the second is inter-city or international transport options (ie trains, buses or flights). We’ll start with the first one.

Most large European cities are blessed with great, affordable public transport systems that can effectively get you from point A to point B. If there are sites in the city that you want to see that aren’t necessarily within walking distance or if the train/bus station is far from your accommodation, then we strongly suggest you use the city’s public transport system. Not only is it always going to be astronomically more affordable than taking a taxi, it also gives you a chance to experience the city like a local.

Most cities sell a range of tickets and travel passes (i.e. single tickets, 1/3/5/7 day passes, monthly passes, etc.) so it’s smart to do a little research to find the option that works best for you. Below are some examples of transportation cost:

  • London Tube (w/Oyster Card): $4/off-peak single fare or $14/all day
  • Paris Métro: $16 for 10 one-way tickets
  • Amsterdam (tram): $23 for 72 hours of unlimited travel
  • Budapest (bus and subway): $17 for 72 hours of unlimited travel
  • Prague: $1.60 for a single tram ticket
  • Barcelona (metro): $1.40 for a single ticket on the metro


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