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How to be stylish when you travel

How to be stylish when you travel

Packing clothes for a trip can be an incredible hassle. With many airlines charging growing fees for checked baggage, packing light has become not just an issue of space but of economics, the only thing I cared about was how much my bag weighed. Now, in my thirties, I carefully consider what goes into my suitcase , so I can save luggage space and still remain stylish.

1. What is one article of clothing you never travel without?

A wrinkle-resistant black dress. They exist in tens of thousands, in every style, for every body type. Go out and find yours! The key is something with a bit of stretch, which will keep it’s shape and keep wrinkles at bay. When I pack a black dress, I feel confident knowing that no matter where travel might turn, I will have something to wear that works  day, night, cocktails, you name it. I hoard black dresses; whenever I find a good one, I buy it. 


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