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How to be stylish when you travel

2. Always go for comfort first. 

The last thing you want to be doing when adventuring is be thinking about how you can’t wait to get back to the room to change your clothes. When you travel, you want to feel free and happy to fully engage with your surroundings! However, being comfortable doesn’t mean sacrificing your personal style! When going through your closet or purchasing items at the store, look for pieces that you could effectively walk miles in. On our recent trip to the Mediterranean, I packed quite a few skirts, dresses, and rompers. These were all super comfy, even more so than jeans!

Always go for comfort first

3. What is your go-to “plane outfit”?

I always envy those girls in airports looking great in heels. But they also look ridiculous. I tried it once. Ridiculous. 

If we are building outfits off the 3 shoe styles above, I will usually do the athleisure look with sneakers, but occasionally, if I know we have somewhere to be straight off the plane, I will wear a supportive casual shoe with denim. Here’s how these 2 options usually break out for me:

Sneaker: Yoga pants or crops, with a tank, and a couple different layers. Layers are so key: My temp is all over the map on travel days. The plane is cold, and then you sweat trying to make your connection. For layers, I usually do a lightweight long sleeve, and a cropped jacket or long cardigan. 

Supportive casual shoe: Skinny jeans (with stretch!), with a tunic-length top, and a cropped jacket. The tunic length is good, because it covers any bagging-out your denim might have done on the flight, and keeps the look streamlined and polished. If we are headed out right from the airport, I will swap my shoes for heels in transit. Simple.   

For both options, I always do a cross-body bag for hands-free ease. And, I know most people recommend scarves, but frankly, I have a hard time keeping track of one more thing, and I’m kind of germ-phobic about where it might accidentally fall or brush.  

4. Pack something special for a special day.

Sometimes it’s just plain fun to have a special item of clothing for that perfect outing. When my husband and I finalized our plans to the Mediterranean, I knew I wanted to find a very “Greek” looking dress to wear when the time was right. I picked this flowy white dress (pictured above) and felt like an ancient greek woman walking around Ephesus. I had numerous Chinese tourists stop me to ask if they could take a pictures of me because I evidently blended in so well into the ruins! It felt delightful as the breeze picked up through my dress and I sat staring at the famous library ruins of Ephesus, dressed in fitting attire.


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