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How to make your trip cheap and unforgettable

How to make your trip cheap and unforgettable

Traveling is one of the most important things in our lives that seems to people very expensive. If you are one of those and your bank balance is always against your dreams about visiting faraway lands, taking an inspiring photography and changing your life, then you should learn how to travel on a budget.

To help you get the most out of your journey, here are some genius travel hacks and tips:

      1/ The first thing is to choose your destinations that should be a tourist but not very expensive country, where you can have fun, enjoy your time, food and culture.

These are some examples of cheapest places to visit:

●Thailand: it has a cheap private cabana on the beach, amazing street food

● Cape Town (South Africa): it has good beaches, great weather and safaris…

● Ecuador: it has the Andes Mountains, Galapagos islands, the Amazon rainforest …

● India: it has Mumbai, home to Bollywood, Rajasthan, the Himalaya …

● Sri Lanka ….

      2/ Then, find the flight that suits you (use websites that allows you to filter and sort the flight choices). In addition, by checking the choices day by day you can try to identify where the cheapest flights dates are.

      3/ Now, do the same thing for your accommodation (to save your money and meet people so easy choose a hostel, if not and you prefer more calm then choose a hotel).

        4/ Use Meetup, the sharing economy, and hospitality websites : it allows us to save money, connect with locals easier, get off the tourist travel, and see the local pace of life better! It makes the travel ideal so much more attainable.


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