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The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide

The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide

Bali is a favorite destination for several people around the world and it’s easy to see why! From its list of unending idyllic beaches, captivating spiritual energy, terraced rice fields and exotic sunsets. there’s so much to see and experience on this brilliant island paradise! Going to Bali appears like going on a never-ending adventure – there’s an activity to suit every soul! experience surfing, yoga, meditation, trekking, delicious food or wonderful nightlife. certain areas of Bali have been influenced by tourism, with hubs of cute cafes, hip bars, and vegetarian restaurants. other areas are still quite remote, maintaining their uniquely Balinese beauty and charm.

When to Visit Bali:

Bali has warm weather year-round with 2 main seasons, the dry season (April to September) and wet season (October to March). During the wet season, it rains almost every day, but usually for a couple of hours, after which everything looks even more green. It does, however, get very hot and humid as well.

The high season is July/August which is the peak of the dry season, but the island gets extremely overcrowded and hotel prices surge pretty high compared to other months. The best months to visit are May, June, and September where you can enjoy the beautiful weather without the crowds.

Where to stay in Bali:

In our Bali travel guide, we want to share a little bit about each location in Bali to make your decision on where to stay a little easier. Bali measures around 5,600km, so not too overwhelming in size, but with numerous hotspots, it’s hard to choose where to stay.

This is the most confusing part for first time visitors, because each area offers a completely different experience than others. First I will give you a quick overview of the top areas, followed by my recommendations on how to divide your time in Bali.

1. Kuta – for surfers & party lovers
2. Seminyak – for sunset beach bars, luxury restaurants and shopping

3. Canggu – for laid-back boho chic beach lovers
4. Uluwatu – upscale clifftop resorts and beach clubs
5. Ubud – for serenity, stunning nature and peaceful getaways


Indonesian is the main language in Bali, but lots of people speak English in the tourist areas. It’s generally very easy to communicate with the locals, especially because they are so welcoming and helpful.


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