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Top 7 Amazing Cheap Places To Travel Now

7 cheap travel destinations

The easiest way  is to go to cheap countries! The ones listed  here are all among the  cheapest places to travel, offering not  just great  value  but also some  of  the world’s   greatest  sights and experiences.

Which cheap  countries in the world  offer the most value?  that will allow  you to go for longer, enjoy a higher standard, and save  more  money? The following are 7 cheapest destinations around  the  world  that offer the essentials – accommodation, transportation, and  food.

1. India, $20/day

India is the cheapest country to travel to, but if and only if you’re willing to haggle and hunt for deals. Keep in mind that cheap rooms that run in the $3 range will be very basic and it’s normal to shower with buckets of heated water. You will be hard pressed to find cheap gems in the North but the South with its gorgeous beaches may prove more fruitful when it comes to budget accommodation.

The best way to travel through India on a budget is to book things  yourself. This means no agents and no online booking sites (except for some intercity travels, for that). Similar to Nepal, if you walk into local guesthouses, restaurants, and tour companies, you could easily get the same things in person for half the quoted price online.

Taj  Mahal India

Meals: $3 – $6 per day
Accommodation: $4 – $8 per night in a local guesthouse
Transportation: $1 – $3 for a full day of bus and train rides, or $8 – $30 for an intercity train ride (sometimes a domestic flight costs as little as $30, if you want to splurge without actually splurging!)
SIM card with data: $3 for 1.5GB with 30-day validity. Yes, it is that cheap!


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